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"Meant to honour Swedish silver and jewellery tradition, the name Mockberg comes from Mockberget, a small mountain near the Siljan lake in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden. Dalarna means ”the valleys” in Swedish, and it is the home of Swedish jewellery and craftsmanship tradition.

Our Story:

It started with an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for design. During the summer of 2013, the Co-Founder and Creative Director Elvira Eriksson went out to find a new watch with no luck. Discovering that most pieces were made for men and realizing that the few ones already existing for women didn’t meet her demands, developed a frustration. A new passion was born – a mission to create classic and timeless watches for those seeking the extraordinary. She realized that a watch is much more than just a way of keeping track of time.

Our Brand:

The Mockberg brand originates from the Scandinavian design movement which is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Capturing hearts and eyes of décor lovers since 1950s, its aesthetic still enriches people’s lives. The clean lines, natural grace and moderate style are what forms the very core of our watches. It symbolizes what we so deeply believe in; simple yet solid elegance. And it lays as the very foundation for what we do and strive to achieve– functional every day accessories made available in the utmost beautiful way possible.

What makes Mockberg special?

Our watches are handcrafted with exclusive materials, high quality movements and classic design. The watches are designed to rest easily on your wrist. The strap is connected high on the case which is slightly shaped as a bowl, a combination that gives you a feeling that the watch floats freely on your wrist and gives a three-dimensional impression.
Mockberg is not just a watch - it’s a passion for minimalism and functionality."

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