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Blending natural beauty with fashionable design
As creative entrepreneurs with a conscience, Rodny Heemskerk and Bob Koning launched TWO-O in July 2011. At their workshop in Amsterdam, the pair designs an ever-expanding range of stylish accessories – from bicycle crates and sunglasses to cufflinks and caps – all made from FSC certified wood. Each piece is a unique expression of the material’s elegance and durability, blending natural beauty with
timeless design.
With their hands-on mentality and a critical eye for detail, TWO-O aims to raise consumer awareness through the development of high-end sustainable products. Coupled with their commitment to craftsmanship, TWO-O is a brand that goes against the grain.
"We love to create new designs and shapes and experimenting with all that wood has to offer. Constantly searching for a suitable design to create products that we all love. Our new collection shows that wood looks elegant in combination with different materials such as metal, cotton and wool."
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