Julia Lundberg

Professional Swedish snowboarder

* travels the world
* loves outdoor sports and excels in snowboarding
* loves fashion
* aims to participate and win a medal at the 2022 winter Olympics
* is part of the Swedish national snowboard development team


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@_julialundberg Instagram

I try not to post too much of this angel on my main account for all of you who’s not really interested. But this picture I had to post, I just love it! I said goodbye to her today because she’ll be with my grandparents for two weeks while I’m finally going TRAVELING again. Flying down to Innsbruck tomorrow 🙏🏼🙏🏼 For all of you who wants to see more of my little doggy, go visit @kira.miniaussie
Pic by: @mariafreyschuss @javaminiaussie ———————————————————————
#miniatureamericanshepherd #miniamericanshepherd #miniaussie #miniatureaustralianshepherd
A month until I’m finally back in my natural habitat 😜 going back to this place amongst other thingsss👆🏻🏂
This past week I went to Sälen to go on a bunch of job interviews. I’ve decided that I will not spend my next season in Laax like I have for the past two years but instead stay in Sweden for the season! I’m super excited for this change and it almost feel like I’m moving home again since I graduated from @snowboardgymnasiet !! Don’t know yet where I will end up working a part time job but a little hint is that these guys are involved in one of the jobs I applied to👆🏻🐺 p: @80sdisneyprince
I have the BIGGEST winter cravings nooow!! I just want my real life back. Bye summer I’m done with you, okey?
I’ve just had two pretty awesome days at Gotland with my mom. Took several trips through memory lane while we were cruising around the island! The houses/farm that you can see in the 5th post is my grandparents old place. I basically lived there my first few years of life until they sold it 19 years ago. The new owners made a restaurant of the old stable so we went there for dinner one night. It’s sooo beautiful and I’m kinda mad at my grandparents for selling it... 🥺😔 at least now my mom has a place on the island so I’ll definitely spend a lot of time there next summer!🌸
Thank you @thule for making my life easier for future travels 🖤 This duffle bag is the real MVP, it’s so big that you can fit anything aaaand it got backpack straps 😭🙏🏼
| In collaboration w/ @thule |
Romantic moments w/ mah bae @kira.miniaussie 🖤#miniatureamericanshepherd
Finally got a real beach day this summer🏖 And in Sweden of all places!
Me and my best friend @kira.miniaussie 🖤🐾 #miniatureamericanshepherd #miniaussie P: @richard_steen
Another rant about my struggles: 
I’ve been dealing with a back problem combined with my ankle problems lately. I’ve been going to the chiropractor to help straighten my crooked back and I’ve been taking it “easy” at the gym to build up the needed muscles to prevent my issues from happening. Last week I FINALLY felt like “hell yeah I can do this now, my back is strong” and put on the weights I want to lift... but no. I woke up the day after with the same crazy back pain and had to book yet another appointment to the chiropractor. Seems like the snowboarding injuries throughout the years are catching up to me now... so this is just a friendly reminder to all to just take a little extra care of your body. Just do that little something. Rehab, stretch, workout, whatever you feel is that little extra for you. Book a massage appointment or go for a walk. I’ll probably be doing all of that because I will not let some shitty injuries ruin me! 🤸🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️
Haven’t gotten a lot of summer feelings this summer. It’s been a pretty cold summer in Sweden and this year I’ve decided to not go traveling either. So no vacation here unfortunately... working, hanging out with @kira.miniaussie and doing fun stuff with family and friends is pretty good too though! But I really look forward to the winter now. I just want to earn up money so I can buy myself a car for the winter! 🚗 ❄️ |Old picture from the winter in Laax|
Yesterday’s wedding celebrations were magical, thank you Anton and Jenny!

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