Julia Lundberg

Professional Swedish snowboarder

* travels the world
* loves outdoor sports and excels in snowboarding
* loves fashion
* aims to participate and win a medal at the 2022 winter Olympics
* is part of the Swedish national snowboard development team

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@_julialundberg Instagram

Teaching my dog how to fly, this was lesson 1 🤷🏼‍♀️ P: @mariafreyschuss
Wonder if I’ll ever get too old to climb trees 🤔 Can someone please tell me who stole the spring weather? I want to enjoy the sun, not wear a beenie 🙇🏼‍♀️ P: @mariafreyschuss
Self quarantine got me a little bit creative so I made this shirt to match my dog. Also did a YouTube video about it. It’s in Swedish tho... and you can find it in my bio. 🇸🇪: Så alla som har tråkigt hemma och vill pyssla lite kan ju prova göra lite batikkläder. Om ni vill liksom. Jag tyckte det kul kanske tycker ni det med?🧘🏼‍♀️
Update from me w/ an old picture 🤷🏼‍♀️ This corona thing is really sticking around huh? No snowboarding and no job right now so I’m just trying to be creative during my days... working out, going on walks with @kira.miniaussie and trying to give my apartment a makeover. Actually made a YouTube video from when I did some tie dye with my sister😳 haven’t posted it yet but might happen soon, or not, we’ll see! Depends on how shy I am 😅Would you want to see that? (It’s in Swedish tho..)
First we walk up, then we ride down. @kira.miniaussie gave me some good help back to the car too 🏎
Seems like Corona found us here in Sweden after all... Now most of our resorts are closed as well, happy to have had the opportunity to snowboard for a bit longer but still sad it’s over now. Off course I had to catch a cold too so I missed the last few days of snowboarding... #stayhome 🦠🦠🦠 How about some splitboard days now?
A tiny little flip from today 💙 🎥: @novaengholm
So soo fortunate to be able to snowboard in these Corona times!!🦠 It’s extremely sad what is happening in the world right now and how much that has been forced to change due to it. Until the virus catches me I’ll just be here cruising to the lovely tunes of @yaegerofficial ❤️❤️ 🎥: @ylfarunars tack för idag 🥰 #coronavirus
Hoping that the corona virus won’t find us here 🚫🦠
Explaining to @kira.miniaussie how global warming stole our snow 🤯🌏🔥
Heyaa! Long time no see I guess. So here’s a little update from me: 
This winter has been SHIET. That’s why I haven’t been very active here because I haven’t had a lot to share. First winter back in Sweden for a few years and I honestly have to say that it hasn’t been that pleasant... we barely have any snow here because it’s been such a warm winter so our “real” park didn’t get done until a few days ago. It’s been hard lately to keep my motivation up, both because the weather has been so bad and also because I’m still struggling a bit with my ankle. This season is the first one that I’m trying juggling snowboarding at the same time as I’m working a “real” job on the side and I’m definitely sure I don’t want to do that in the future if I can skip it. Now all I can do is try to remind myself of how much I love this shit and just deal with the fact that THIS IS NOT my season. Hopefully I’ll be in a better place next season🙏🏼⚡️❤️
How to walk the doggo 🏂🐶

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