Nadia Poeschman

* Radio and tv reporter, and presenter (sports- and news programs for BNN/Vara, NPO, Powned, SBS, RTL, MTV, NPO Radio 1, KPN Digitaal, Fresh FM)
* Media trainer
* Actress
* Model
* Dj (duo Poeschpas met Sheila Hill)

* can do camera work / make online content
* Nominated for Viva 400 creative
* can do event presentation
* is public speaker at the Speaker’s Academy
* travels a lot

* her docu series on feminism was broadcasted September on public television
* gives workshops / media training (interview techniques etc.)
* was born in Lesotho
* makes tv formats
* can be booked as DJ at events, together with dj Sheila Hill
* is married to a Frenchman (she is in France often): got married in October 2018
* Nadia is newbe mum, to Dahlia! 
* rides a motor cycle
* has an advanced Paddi in diving
*loves skiing, adventure, kickboxing, horseriding
* was a contestant at Expeditie Robinson and loves adventure
* played Ellen in the famous Andrelon shampoo campaign
* more tv programs starring Nadia are in the making



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