About Are you Swedish?


Are you Swedish? is your Amsterdam based:

1. Talent Management Agency for unique, high flying talents (actresses, top athletes, YouTube and tv stars, dj/producers and models) that can be truthfully called influencers, due to their outstanding achievements. 

2. Content Creator: Are you Swedish? makes formats for fiction (drama series) and non-fiction (tv and online programmes).

3. Brand Connector: The Are you Swedish? netwerk is huge, international and ranges from the corporate world to entertainment, fashion and sports. Are you Swedish? creates win win partnerships between people, companies and brands like no other.


Who runs are you Swedish?

Chief Enthusiast of Operations (CEO) Hanneke de Boer, a.k.a. fixer at large ;). 

Hanneke was a lawyer for eight years before she started her PR and Talent Management Agency. Hanneke also writes fiction and has her first drama series in development.  

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Why is the company called Are you Swedish?

Are you Swedish? started out as a PR firm for Swedish brands in Benelux. People often asked Hanneke "Are you Swedish?" (answer: no) so that question was a great name for the business. It sticks. And let’s not forget: is there a stronger brand than Sweden? Asking someone Are you Swedish? is a question and compliment rolled into one.

Although nowadays the company expanded its activities with talent management and content creation and does not only do business with Swedes, we are still in love with the name so we will keep it forever!