About Are you Swedish? DramaNoDrama Productions

Who runs the show at Are you Swedish?
Are you Swedish? DramaNoDrama Productions is run by Chief Enthusiast of Operations (CEO) Hanneke de Boer . 
Hanneke was a lawyer for eight years before she started Are you Swedish? PR and Talent Management Agency. A few years ago Hanneke started to write fiction: she simply couldn’t stop the stories in her mind from rolling out of her pen onto paper and felt absolute bliss doing so. After she sold the filmrights of two manuscripts to producers last year she decided to follow her creative mind and do fulltime what she loves doing best: writing fiction. She has now created many original drama series. Still feeling a relative newbie, Hanneke is proud to see that her stories are highly in demand in the national and international film and TV arena.

Why is the company called Are you Swedish? (in case you wonder)
Are you Swedish? started out as an Amsterdam based PR and consultancy firm for Swedish brands and governmental institutions in Benelux. People often asked Hanneke ‘Are you Swedish?’ (answer: no), so that question was a great name for the business. It sticks. And let’s be honest: is there a stronger brand than Sweden? Asking someone 'Are you Swedish?' is a question and compliment rolled into one.
Although nowadays the agency evolved into Are you Swedish? DramaNoDrama Productions and does not only do business with Swedes (although Hanneke wrote a Swedish/Dutch drama series), we are still in love with the name so we will keep it forever!